<!-- TITLE: Windows --> <!-- SUBTITLE: Running Windows on the Atomic Pi --> # Microsoft Windows The Atomic Pi supports Windows 8 and 10, allthough the system is rather limited with its 16 GB eMMC flash memory and 2 GB RAM. To install Windows 10 on an external USB drive or SD card instead of the eMMC, "Windows To Go" is needed. Embedded versions are working as well. For Windows 10 64-bit, the "UP Board" drivers can be used, found at: https://downloads.up-community.org/download/microsoft-windows-10-64-bit-drivers/ [File download mirror (saved 2019-05-17, 254 MByte)](https://atomicpi.wiki/downloads/windows/drivers/up_win10_64.zip) Windows 10 Enterprice IoT 2019 LTSC only requires the "Entry" license type (cost approx. $35-40) > Todo: Installation instructions and suitable Windows versions {.is-info}